There are certain abbreviations that you will find often. So, to make things easier for you, we have added a list below:

BISFA – Bureau International pour la Standardisation des Fibres Artificielles, or The International Bureau for Standardisation of Man Made Fibers.

CIRFS – Comité international de la Rayonne et des Fibres Synthétiques or the European Man Made Fibers Association

Below are some measurements that will work as a helpful manual for all materials from Stuti exports:

sb.superbright0.00% TiO2
br.bright0.02 – 0.04% TiO2
sd.semidull0.40 % TiO2
du.dull1.20 – 1.50 % TiO+ higher spundyed bright
in.ingrain (black/white)
ba.basic dyeable / cationic
sf.spundyed (non black)
mx.mixed filaments


.rd round
.op opal
.fl flat
.tr trilobal (massif trilobal)
.tb trilobal (profile trilobal)
.ml multilobal
.pl pentalobal
.hx hexalobal
.oc octalobal
.sp special cross-section
.hl hollow fiber
.ql maple leaf cross-section
.us U-shape
.ys Y-shape
.sq square shape
.rc rectangular shape
.ss side by side
.rs round splittable
.mi mixed polymer
.si sea + island (PET and Co-PET)
.co conjugate

Texturned Yarn Grades

PIN textured
 Grade BEAG typeCrimp contractionTexturizingExplanation
 Set 1 2030 10%double heatersetted yarn
 Set 2 2031 20-25%double heater
 Set 3 2032 35%double heater –
 ME 2033 40-45%double heatermedium elastic
 HE 2034 45-75%single heaterhigh elastic
 Stretch –low torque textured
Friction textured
 Grade BEAG typeCrimp contractionTexturizingExplanation
 Set 2036 20-25%double heatersetted yarn
 HE 2039 max. 60%single heaterhigh elastic
 DSP dimensional stable polyester
 FOY Fully Oriented Yarn
 POY Partially Oriented Yarn
 LOY Low Oriented Yarn
 FDY Fully Drawn Yarns = FOY
 DTY Draw textured yarn (friction twisted)
 SDY Super Drawn Yarn (FOY)
 den Denier (dtex x 0.9)
 dtex Decitex (grams per 10’000 meters)
 ECC Europeen Cotton count (Ne)
 dpfdenier per filament or dtex per filament


 YCylinders without top end rounded (the figures behind indicate the interior diameter of the cyl. and the height of the cyl., eg 56/230)
 ZHCylinders with top end rounded to ensure perfect running off
 SHShrinkage cylinders for uptwisted yarns
 TKBWarp knitting beams (the figures behind indicate the measurements of the warpknitting beam in cm, eg 54/106)
Cops 340Cops of 340 mm length
Cops 400Cops of 400 mm length
Cops 420Cops of 420 mm length
Cops 460Cops of 460 mm length, slightly bigger cops diameter