We’re Reliable.

Stuti Exports has been in the industry for decades and have established experience with meaningful relationships with clients. We are exclusive representatives of companies manufacturing special fibers and our knowledge and expertise in this field is unparalleled to when compared to other providers. This is because we have always equipped ourselves with special and innovative fibers. Stuti takes pride in the authenticity of its’ products and the value we add to your everyday lives. We market our high tech and technologically advanced fibers all over India.

We’re Capable.

With over decades of experience, we have not let our customers down. We provide you with premium fibers – ones that are ideal for your requirements but were not able to find anywhere else. This earns us trust from our client base and they keep coming back to us for more. Our capability extends far beyond regular fibers. We provide materials to those companies who require fibers for medical fabrics, engineering fabrics, fabrics that are heat resistance, resistant to wear and tear, luxury fabrics and so much more. Needless to say, that our fibers are made for special purposes and are technologically advanced. As we grew within our niche, we have gathered a lot more experience in fabrics and their requirements. We have also made meaningful relationships with clients and other service providers. This is why we are geared towards providing our customers with the most exposure and ideal markets for their finished products.



Core Markets.

With experienced and the right equipment, we were successful in establishing a market for the following high-tech solutions:

  • Medical
  • Filtration
  • Protection and Security
  • Luxury & Wellness
  • Carpets


We want to ensure that our clients have access to the most innovative fibers. This is made possible with the help of a chain of global suppliers. Each supplier uses materials and technology from different parts of the world to create something really unique and beneficial.


Products We Supply.

We provide a range of fibers from use in technical textiles to functional textiles. All the fibers we market are designed for specific functions. Feel free to go through their descriptions. We are also here to guide you through the process and help you isolate the ideal product for you.

Meta Armid Fibers

Meta aramid is an aromatic polyamide with excellent heat & flame resistance. We supply is fibers for non – woven hot gas filteration industry & protective textiles. The fibers are also available in dope – dyed version.

Anti Static Fibers and Filaments

These are high performance, excellent conductive fibers. Blending just a small amount will prevent static problems like:

  • Static shocks you experience when walking on carpets and touching door knobs, or getting out of cars
  • Clinging of clothing to your body, and
  • Attracting of dust and soil.


PPS Fibers

PPS, or also polyphenylene sulfide, is a thermoplastic polymer synthesized by condensation of p-dichlorobenzene and sulfide sodium sulfide.

Thanks to the connections of monomers by sulfur atoms, PPS has characteristics of a high performance material, meaning PPS has excellent resistance to heat, acids, alkalies, mildew, abrasion or UV exposure to name a few. Furthermore, PPS has a low moisture absorption, a good dimensional stability and is flame retardant.

PPS is used in connectors, housings and pump bodies. In terms of textile applications, PPS is applied  in protective clothing.

Homopolymer Acrylic Fibers and Filaments

Homo polymer Acrylic Fiber is a high strength fiber developed for technical applications in filtration media in coal operated power generation, cement mills, waste incineration plants etc. 

Far Infrared Fibers

Infrared fiber which harnesses & recycles the body’s natural energy through the use of fibers. Infrared Fiber absorbs & stores the electromagnetic energy emissions from the human body & re-emits them into the body.


Regenerated bamboo, abbreviated CBAM, is similar to viscose. Bamboo fiber and starchy pulp are made from bamboo that grows widely throughout Asian countries. Starchy pulp is a refined product of bamboo stems and leaves through a process of hydrolysis-alkalization and multi-phase bleaching. Factories then process it into bamboo fiber.



Cellulose acetate is a man-made fibre of natural origin with specific characteristics which allow the production of beautiful, practical and comfortable fabrics, whether used on its own or mixed with other natural, artificial or synthetic yarn or fibers.


Para Aramid

These are man-made high performance fibers with molecules that are characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains. We supply Para aramid fibers & filaments & pulp for various application.