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Asota is a member of the Chapelthorpe PLC Group. It is amongst the leading producers of PP, PE and PA staple fibers. More than three decades of experience in the industry and continued customer support, undoubtedly makes Asota a global leader.

The production plant of the company at Linz, Austria produces up to 25,000MT staple fibers annually on 5 production lines. It also develops, manufactures, and markets PP, PE and PA staple fibers for use in textiles, carpets, automotive applications, technical applications, sun protection and sport surfaces.

Stuti Exports exclusively represents and acts as the marketing arm of Asota Fibers in India.

Tufting and Woven carpets

Staple fibres as far as the eye can see. The asota staple fibre range for tufted and woven carpets - often used together - is enormous. Processing on all standard weaving systems opens unlimited possibilities to asotafloor, to individually adapt the carpets and to provide optimum adaptation to market demands.

Needle felt

Looking into the future means overtaking the present. That’s what we’ve done with our asotafloor needle felt. Both in indoors - and outdoors, asotafloor needle felts meet the highest UV-demands in the titres from 17 to 400 dtex. Regardless of whether they’re smooth needle felt, loop, velour or dilour, asotafloor delivers a fibre with a future, even for latex-free constructions with the melt-spun fibre H 10.

Asota Motive

It is not without reason that fibres made by asota can be found in such renowned car brands such as Mercedes or Volkswagen. Extreme UV-stability, high hot light fastness make asotamotive your first choice for boots, parcel shelves, side panelling, floors and much more

Adapted exactly to suit the stabilisation modifications of the technical delivery conditions from the car manufacturer, asotamotive is a fibre of a highly-individual cut with the focus on needle fibre qualities. asotamotive, however, is also extremely suitable for latex-free constructions taking into consideration the melt spun fibre H10.


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The more comparable products become, the more important the differences are. These differences are reflected in the quality of the fibres. Regardless of whether it’s used as an air filter (e.g. for air conditioning) in hospital, in the vacuum cleaner or as a liquid filter for water and chemicals, the quality of asotatech lies in the attention to detail.



A piece of paper is only a piece of paper, isn’t it? Not with asota tech. Produced according to the "wetlaid"-process asota tech offers a piece of innovation.
Waste sites  

Strength is its strength. It is exactly the excellent chemical resistance under extremely hard conditions which makes asotatech, mainly used in the field of waste site technology, excel. A mix of PP and natural fibres such as e.g. coconut are especially suited to drainage purposes. The titre margin of between 240 and 600 dtex is predominantly applied here.

Geo textiles  

In order to remain at the top, new ways have to be found. Such as in road-, tunnel- and embankment construction. asotatech - made to suit individual end features such as certain expansion behaviour - meets the highest demands in the form of varied fleece constructions in the geotextile field. And thereby improves the world of building.

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Asota Sun

In terms of quality we have only one benchmark, the highest. That is especially necessary for fibres, which are in the sun’s relentless UV-light day in day out. asotasun, a hightech-fibre - in the fibre class F 15 - overshadows the sun despite extreme UV- conditions and captivates with its long-lasting colour brilliance. The application radius of asotasun is far-reaching and ranges from awnings, (commercial/industrial- and private sphere), boat coverings to tents and even garden furniture upholstery.



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Asota Sport

Game, Set, Match. Tennis courts are especially hard done by. Thanks to its high UV-stability, weatherproofnes and light-fastness , asotasport, with its selected needle-felt-qualities, is a real high-stamina sportsman indoors as well as outdoors.



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asota Textile

Washfast. Colourfast. Fast-drying. From underwear to aircraft coverings, from the mattress coating to the t-shirt. asotatex sets the pace when it comes to excellent wearability, soft touch - feels like wool, thermo insulating properties and dirt-resistance. asotatex is rubbing fast, perspiration proof, colour- and light-fast and above all washfast. asotatex and the skin breathes out.